About The Cook

I’m a 30 something British guy who moved to Australia 5 years ago. Before the move I cooked a little, enjoyed it, but had no real knowledge of what food was out there! I was a cook who knew what I liked, and did little to venture out of my comfort zone. But all that was to change when I moved to the other side of the globe, namely, Sydney, Australia. I chose the perfect place to settle for culinary delights. I had no idea the diverse cuisine Australia had to offer. The greatest hits of Asia, The Mediterranean and Middle East. Sydney has has opened up to me in a big way just how good food can be.

This blog is follows a simple premise. It’s a documentation of what I’m eating and cooking at home – and how you can recreate it in your house. Sometimes simple, sometimes complex… always tasty.

I go through my food fads and phases but if you spend some time on the blog you’ll quickly discern that my favourite foods to cook are South East Asian, Indian, Spanish and Turkish. I’m up for any new taste and recipe and have a vast array of cookery books at my beck and call. I try and post a recipe every second day – I had tried to do it every day, but found it way too difficult and it meant I couldn’t eat my favourites again or indeed go out for food! Generally, I’m a home cook without any cheffy flourishes to get in the way, but from time to time I do like to bring out the show-off in my personality.

Feel free to share my recipe’s about, but if you could give me or the blog a credit then that would be great. I now take all my own photography of my dishes and am slowly updating old posts with new imagery. In the past, with some posts I have used images from the Internet. If you spot an Image I haven’t credited you with and you’d like a credit, or would like me to remove it then please just contact me. And there’s no need to be arsey and lecture me about copyright! Seriously!

OK, enjoy the food.


5 Responses

  1. I’m not sure if my previous message got through. Just wanted you to know that I enjoyed my visit to your blog and intend to try a couple of your recipes. Also I’m impressed with your move to Australia. I’ve heard about some of the problems you were having with drought.

  2. I like your blog a lot. I love to travel and try new foods. Your blog takes me on a whirlwind world food tour!

  3. Thanks! I like to travel in the kitchen too.

  4. Fantastic blog! I was really thrilled to see some Burmese recipes 🙂 I was born in Burma, grew up in UK and now just moved to Sydney. Look forward to reading more of your culinary adventures. I have loads of Burmese recipes if you’re interested in trying.

    • Thanks, Glad you like the blog!

      Would love some of your recipes. I loved the food in Cambodia when I took a holiday there. Delicious.

      Email me HERE with your favourites and if I make them I’ll be sure to credit you.


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