My favourite Cookbooks.

ArabesqueMadhur Jaffrey's Ultimate Curry BibleAmaretto, Apple Cake and Artichokes

I love reading cookbooks. I read them on the bus, in bed and even on the loo so I thought it fitting that I create something to celebrate some of my favourite books from my ever expanding bookshelf. Click HERE to see which books made my list. As soon as finished the post there were another 10-15 books which were screaming out for a mention so I’m sure they’ll make it to the list at some point.


2 Responses

  1. I love this site! I wonder if you would consider an affiliate program w/ my you could offer gourmet spanish food to your visitors and make a commission.

    Send me an email!


    • Glad you like the site.

      At the moment I have no plans to make any profit from the blog. I’m in it purely for the love of food!

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